3 Easy Steps to Finding Your Perfect Customer!

Internet Markeitng for your perfect customerThe key to effective Internet Marketing is to market to the right individuals.

  • So who is your perfect customer?
  • How would you describe the one person who is always willing and able to purchase your products or services?

When you know the answer to this question, you will be able to target your products, services and marketing efforts to this singular, focused profile.

Step One: Describe Your Dream Customer

Start by making a list of all the attributes that you believe your perfect customer has.

• What are their likes and dislikes?

• What do you suppose their interests, likes, dislikes are?

• How would you describe their demographics?

• Most importantly; what things do they value?

Remember, you are competing for their money.

  • You want to be the preferred choice-not only among alternative suppliers but also over doing nothing!

Figure out their spending habits and buying choices.

Step Two: Evaluate the Audience on Social Media

Now that you have an initial idea of who your perfect customer should be- it is time to find them.

• Scour through your followers and fans on social media.

• Look at who is following and liking your competitors as well.

And as you do your small business marketing, do you will see the very same people among your fans?

Figure out where they shop now, and what they shop for the most.

Observing what people are discussing about on social media is a key to finding out the type of help they need and where they look for solutions the most.

Step Three: Compare Your Actual Customer

Chances are that many of your actual customers will match your description of your perfect customer.

  • If not, ask yourself why?

Is your marketing attracting a different demographic from the types of customers you want to attract?

Figure out if your product is marketed appropriately to catch the eye of your perfect customer.

Do you need to adjust your message or even find something different to sell?

Once you have the balance between the right message and the right products or services, marketing to that one perfect customer will in fact resonate with many, making your Internet marketing campaign a success.

So are you ready to find your perfect customer and get marketing?

It all starts with describing that dream customer clearly.


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Lucy Morgan CPA


How do you find your perfect customer?

How about you? Share your “learning experience” story in the comments and let me know what you worked for you!

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