3 Ways To Ensure That People Buy From You!

Why Should People Buy From YouSo what makes you special? What is your unique selling point or proposition that differentiates you from the rest and compels your customers to repeatedly bring their business to you instead of everyone else?

Surprisingly, people buy from you. It is not necessarily because you offer the best products with the most bells and whistles. People buy because they have an emotional reaction to what you are selling. They want it bad and they want it now!

People don’t but what they need, but what they want!

So how can you create a Unique Selling Point that will get you more customers and keep the old ones coming back?

Build a Relationship with Potential Customers

And ease into it. How would you feel about getting a marriage proposal right after the first date?

Well, selling is a lot like that. Get to know your customers, get them to know, like and trust you. Ask them what you can do to persuade them to choose you from the competitors. Include these differentiators in your marketing message. When brainstorming marketing ideas for small business, ask existing and potential customers what they like best about your business. Utilize social media to full effect to get these answers.

When making new customers, remember the prerequisites for a good relationship and apply them. These include spending time with each other, being trustworthy and truthful and issuing heartfelt apologies in case of a mistake.

Offer Better Value Instead of Best Price

Many entrepreneurs believe that customers will go for the lowest price whenever there’s an option. This is a fallacy if there ever was one! If the best price is what sold products, there wouldn’t be any Mercedes cars, Louboutin shoes or Cavalli clothes! Research shows that people prefer shopping stores with good parking and home delivery options, not the ones with the cheapest stuff on sale.

Your customers buy from you because your products come with great value for money. These might not be the cheapest things they have ever bought, but they get satisfaction, utility and even excellence from what you sell them.

Fight To Differentiate Yourself From Competition

Figure out how your product is different from the competitors, and how it fulfills an emotional need for a potential customer. People will buy from you because you have a unique solution to their problem. When you have this missing link that fulfills their unknown desires, you have something that your competitors missed.

So yes, get ahead of the competition but your main focus should still be on fulfilling the customer’s desires.

We are all emotional buyers. Put to use this fact and you will have customers flocking to your product soon enough!

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