10 Minute Method

What is the 10 Minute Method?
small steps over time

The Wall Street Journal reports that the latest trend in creating effective online learning consists of mini-lectures explaining a single topic in about 10 minutes.

That’s our goal as well…

We have little “snack-sized” lessons that eliminate overwhelm and excuses.  (Even the busiest small business person can spare 10 minutes to improve their business)

We use our break-through “10 Minute Master” four-step-process with each topic:

Step #1 Step 1 Speak the Language

Speak the Language-explaining new terms



    Step #2 Step 2 Know the Concepts

    Learn the Concepts-laying  out the points-step-by-step


 Step #3Step 4 Ninja Resources

 Ninja Resources-Connect with other tools such as websites, books and videos



Step #4Step 4 Grow the Business Worksheet

Grow the Business Worksheet-personalizing the lesson as it applies to your business

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