Ace Local Search: Our Top 3 Tips for Getting Found on your Home Turf!

Local Search tipsYou already have a great reputation as a local service provider. Your community really likes your products and they are always in demand at home turf.

But when they look your business up online, your website doesn’t show up!


Local Is Pretty Aggressive Too!

The fact is that many local businesses have not been able to keep up with the increasingly competitive SEO scene. Many national and even multinational businesses are getting in on the local landscape by building local franchises, offices and stores complete with their own websites. They have the power, time and money to spend on these websites and make them show up at the top of the search results. And this has made local small business websites pretty much obsolete.

Local search deserves your attention, because it is the only thing that can make your business noticeable and catch the buyer’s attention if they are looking for services by geographical area.

Here are our top 3 tips to help you champion local search!

Make It Easy For Them to Locate You Online

Let them know where you are by putting your office address on every single webpage on your website. Google will pick up the clues too and rank your website higher when people closer to you will search for your services or products. Got multiple addresses? Find a way to put all of them on your website.

No, it isn’t keyword stuffing when it’s only once on a page, so use your addresses and contact info, show them off and be proud of them.

Get Listed With Local Search Directories

Scout your local search directories and register your business profile with them. The top ones are

  • The Yahoo! Local Directory
  • Google Places for business
  • Bing Places

Directory listings can drastically increase your website’s exposure to searcher’s looking for local services and products.

Don’t Forget Your Keywords

You want search engines to locate your website by city, locality or state. Let them know that’s what you want by including the names of these places in your web pages. If you don’t say it, the search engines won’t be able to find it. For example, instead of just saying “Lucy’s Pizza Palace”, change it up to “Lucy’s Pizza Palace-the best pizza in Denver Colorado…just ask our happy customers.”

As mentioned earlier, your address is your most powerful key phrase when it comes to local search. Use it along with other relevant keywords to make your presence felt online.

And lastly, use your specialized knowledge of local tastes and expertise in your products and services to create a unique content marketing strategy that sets your website apart and above the rest!

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