3 Great Things you need to know about Influencers

OK.39 InfluencersInfluencers may seem like a rather small element in front of keywords and marketing strategies but the truth is that they are integrated into the very core of your marketing strategies. Here is a closer look at 3 great things you need to know about influencers.

1 – What Influencers are

In essence, influencers are anything, real or virtual, that influence the decisions of your customers. Family, friends, forums, public opinion and reviews are great examples of influencers. Each influencer affects your customer’s decision in different ways and the faster you learn them, the better your effective internet marketing strategies will be.

2 – Influencers must be a Part of your Marketing Strategy

Effective internet marketing strategies ensure that influencers are accounted for. For example, when selling flowers online, most people make decisions based on emotional influencers. As such, you need to ensure that your content includes sources from such influencers. This will improve the credibility of your content and ensure an effective internet marketing strategy.

3 – You can reinforce the Influencers

One great internet marketing secret is that you can reinforce influencers. Wait, what? Using the same flower example, you can reinforce an emotional influencer by stating “buy red roses for your wife and feel her love for you grow.” As such, you are not only selling the product, but you are rewarding their emotions, stating they will be loved.


Influencers not only influence your customers’ decisions, they influence your marketing strategies as well. Therefore, ensure that you make effective use of them. After all, they truly are a great internet marketing secret. Now that you know about them, not using them would be a crime. However, ensure that you know what your customers’ influencers are and how to properly use them.

3 ways to Rank Higher on Google

Rank Higher on GoogleThe Google search engine is arguably the world’s most powerful and popular search engine. In fact, over 70% of the world uses Google’s search engine to search for information on the internet. That’s why everyone wants to rank high on Google. For us, it’s all about the first page. As such, here is a look at 3 great ways to rank higher on Google.

1 – Never Overdo your Keywords

The fundamentals of Google search engine require website owners to use specific keywords throughout their website content. To some, it is all about using as many different keywords as they can. However, you need to ensure that you do not overdo it. If you ‘stuff’ your keywords, then Google will punish you for it. Moreover, your content will not rank high.

That’s why you need to use the right keywords, at the right time in high quality content. Not only will this help you rank high, but rank faster as well. As a rule of thumb, distribute specific keywords throughout the content with a 1-1.5% usage. This ensures that your content is both high quality and has sufficient keyword density.

2 – Use the Right SEO Tips and Tricks

The problem with many websites is that they use the wrong seo tips and tricks to rank high on the Google search engine results page. As such, Google identifies them as “black hats” and punish them by drastically reducing their Google ranking.

As such, if you want to rank higher on Google, you need to use the right seo tips and tricks, known as “white hat” tricks. This will not only ensure that you are never punished but that you rank high as well.

3 – Know where to place Keywords

Sometimes, it’s not just about distributing your keywords throughout your quality content but it’s about where you place your keywords. For example, it’s always a good idea to place your main keywords at least once in every paragraph, particularly in the first sentence of the paragraph. If you plan to use secondary keywords, use them once every 2 paragraphs.

This will help data spiders associate your keywords with your content, labelling as high quality content. Moreover, with the right keyword distribution and usage, you will rank better and faster on Google.

Ranking high on Google is not a process but rather an art. While some do it well, only the best rank on the first results page. That’s why you should ensure that you use the right seo tips and tricks, keywords and contents in your website content.

3 Things you need to know about the Google Search Engine

Search EnginesThe Google search engine is one of the most powerful search engines in existence. While you may rank know a lot of seo tips and tricks that will help you rank higher in Google, do you know much about the company? Here is a closer look at 3 things you need to know about the Google search engine.

1 – 70% of the World uses Google for Searching Purposes

Possibly one of the most important things you need to know about Google is that they are the world leader in online searches. In fact, they have captured 70% of the global search market. Interestingly, that is one of the main reasons why most people tell you to “Google it.”

2 – Google knows you as a Black Hat or a White Hat

No, Google is not racist. However, you need to know that Google will identify you as either a white or black hat. These terms are used to describe websites and what methods they are using for seo tips and tricks.

For example, if you are using outdated, inefficient or illegal seo tips and tricks, then Google will identify you as a black hat. In other words, you’re the bad guy. On the other hand, if you add value to your content and use the right seo tips and tricks, then you are a white hat.

3 – Quality Matters to Google more than you know it

To many people, it’s all about using the right keywords and getting your content ranked high. However, it’s not just about the keywords you use. To Google, quality matters a lot more than quantity. After all, Google only ranks high quality content, not keyword-stuffed content.

Make sure you know about these 3 facts if you plan to make your way up the Google search engine ladder. It will help you know your audience, which seo tips and tricks to use and will help you know what quality of content you require.