The Big Promise: What Your Tagline Says About You!

OK.19 CreatingtheBigPromiseSo much is involved in the advertising and marketing of a product that it can get confusing for the customers. This is where it becomes important to sum up your message in a few words or a one-liner.

Your tagline is the sum of all promises that you are making. It has to be memorable enough to set you apart from the competitors and it must remind your customers of what benefits or solutions your brand provides.

The fact of the matter is that small businesses simply can’t afford the millions of dollars in advertisements and promotions that Americans are used to seeing every day. This makes it even more important for SMEs to differentiate themselves with a stellar tagline that the customers can remember easily. Think of it as a well-thought-out positioning statement that captures the essence of the company.

Decide on a short tagline that integrates the benefits your customers will receive when they buy your products or services.  Also think about how to bring together the concepts of benefits, solutions and valuable experiences to create an easily identifiable “big promise” with your branding.

The Ultimate Tagline for You

Ultimately, a tag line is a short phrase that tells your prospective customers what you offer. This Big Promise positioning statement depicts what they get in terms of uniqueness as well as customer experience. But it is also important to leave some things unsaid to ensure that the customer is left with the desire to know more about your brand. Do the following when crafting a tag line for your small business:

  • Incorporate the benefits customers expect from you
  • Identify what’s in it for the potential buyers
  • Figure out ways to provide memorable experiences
  •  Think of a tag line that encompasses the “big promise” around your products and services

The “big promise” is an integral part of brand building. It is important to let the world know about it with effective marketing and advertising. Soon, the big promise tagline will become your best and least expensive form of advertising all by itself.

“Brandable Experience” Concept: Can You Afford To Ignore It?

Develop a brandable experienceSome products simply aren’t branded! These are simply commodities and don’t fetch the premium price in the market.

Brands on the other hand, are a different deal altogether! Strong brands create a premium, luxury feel around themselves, getting the market to pay more for them. There isn’t a highly scientific logical explanation for why some brands can demand more money despite offering lesser quantity of the product. It is important to promote your business as a brandable experience to ensure that customers receive a compelling and clear message about your offers.

Still not convinced?

Why Is It Important To Create a Brandable Experience Concept

How is it that Starbucks can get away with selling $4 cups of coffee, when there’s plenty of good coffee available for a lot less all over the town?

A brandable experience for your customers means that they will enjoy and remember dealing with you, your products and your organization on the whole. So the concept fits right in with effective internet marketing.

To create a brandable experience, it is important that you provide uniformity across all the elements of your business. Your customer should come to depend upon your products and services and trust that they will get the same quality every time they order from you. This includes using proper stimuli to ensure that all the customer’s senses are included in the brandable experience. To ensure this, use all the tools employed by sophisticated branding gurus. These include:

  • Music, jingles or any sounds that the audience can relate to your brand
  • Smells or the definition of smells, including bread, grilled food, or new cars
  • Spicy, sweet or salty i.e. tastes that are representative of your products
  • Anything that can uniquely define your product and affect your prospective customers feelings and emotions in a good way.

Make It Work For You

Starbucks has created an experience that provides luxury, warmth, comfort and a sense of community. The environment is cool and hip, and together all these things are worth the $4 cup of coffee that they sell!

So think about ways you can provide your customers with a brandable experience i.e. something that only your company provides instead of your competitors. Make sure that your customers get to experience some powerful moments when buying from you. They will love it and tell everyone what they love about you.

And that is the ultimate aim of small business marketing.

How To Make Your Brand Win The Benefits vs. Features War in Three Easy Steps!

Benefits vs FeaturesA physical or tangible attribute of your product or service is its feature. It is important for your product to have features that differentiate from the competition. But it is even more essential to make sure that your customers understand how these amazing features benefit them. If they don’t apprehend how these features can help them, then they won’t buy from you. It’s as simple as that!

This makes benefit, the emotional and very elusive reaction that they may feel toward your brand or something they gain from using your products and services.

So how do you decide what to include in your marketing content? Do you put the emphasis on features, describing each one in meticulous detail? Or do you stress the advantages the customer will gain?

That’s a tough choice!

Fact of the matter is that customers are more interested in learning about the benefits. They want to know why they should part with their money i.e. what’s in it for them!

List the Features

Identify the benefits of your product that solve the problems for your perfect customer. What makes your offer the most unique or best offer in the market?

These features usually aren’t enough to motivate someone to take the wallet out. But it is still important to communicate them properly. Sometimes customers just want good information and then they take their time to research before investing in a product. You want to make sure that that your product comes out the winner, so detail the features properly.

A feature will generally not motivate someone to buy.

Think About the Benefits

Time for some brainstorming! Now that you know the features of your service or product, it is time to figure out how your potential customers will benefit from them. Think about each feature separately, what problems does it solve? Does it offer any convenience? What are results of using this feature? How does it facilitate the customer?

Communicate Them Effectively

Now, ponder over how you can effectively use the description of these benefits to make your website and product/services descriptions more compelling. People make purchase decisions based on how much they like the benefits. Make your Small Business Marketing Strategy successful by using the right words to describe them.

You just have to market the benefits because customers love to hear about what something can achieve for them.