How to Find the Perfect Customer in 5 Easy and Cost-Effective Ways

Where is my perfect customerFinding your customers is not an easy task for many people. Targeted internet marketing can help you find customers but are they the right customers? Ever wanted to find your customers or know who your perfect customers were? We are going to show you just how easy it can be. In fact, we are going to show you how you can find the perfect customer in 5 different ways! Ready?


In this article, we will assume that you run a flower shop; one which ships flowers nationwide. As part of your internet marketing for small business campaign, you want to find where your perfect customers are and target them more effectively.

1 – Use a Search Engine

The first thing you need to do is go online and search for “flowers.” This will give you a general idea of what the majority of your customers are looking for. For example, they may be searching for anniversary, wedding, birthday or even funeral flowers. This is the easiest tactic for internet marketing for small businesses.

2 – Visit Facebook Pages

Why not visit Facebook Pages about your niche? Once there, you can see what your customers want. For example, they may want more white wedding flowers. As such, you need to market them more and even use keywords such as “white wedding flowers” more in your website content.

3 – Visit YouTube

YouTube can show you some very interesting things about your niche, particularly the comments and suggestions. For example, your potential customers may want to see more videos about how to pick the right flowers or how to find them. In essence, targeted internet marketing tactic will show you what you can focus on. In other words, what your clients want.

4 – Create a Survey

Surveys may seem rather traditional but they can provide some great information. Since they are short, they can show you exactly what your customers want. In other words, they can show you where your real customers are. Post a link of a survey on your Facebook Page and you can get some great results. Doing so can substantially boost your targeted internet marketing campaign.

5 –Ask for Feedback and Provide Incentives

Last but not least, you can always ask people to complete surveys or provide information. However, ensure you provide an incentive to do so. You could give a discount, coupons or even a buy one get one free flower bouquet. Not only does this get you information, it gets your customers to order from you.

By following the five steps above, you can find your customers faster and easier than ever before. Most importantly, these are cost-effective approaches to internet marketing for small businesses.

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