How to Get Found on Local Search

Optimize Local SearchAre you wondering how to increase your site ranking for local search?

We covered a bunch of effective techniques in our last Q & A call.

This is the first part in our series on improving your local search results.

How Local Search Works

Here’s a brief explanation of how local search works.

When a person types into a search engine box for something like a pizza restaurant or a hair salon they get a list of local businesses that meet that search criteria.

How do they do that?

Google’s Knows You Want Local Results

Search engines like Google know that certain types of searches are generally looking for local results.

In other words when you are looking to get your haircut, you probably want a local business returned in the search results box.

Plus you’ve probably all seen where there’s a little map that shows the location of the business, and a description of the business.

These are also features of local search.

2 Main Ways to Improve Local Search Results

For businesses that are trying to get found on the Internet locally-there are two main ways this happens:

  1. Optimizing your web pages for local search
  2. Registering with local business directories-especially the big ones like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

It’s really not that hard or mysterious.

And it doesn’t take some so-called SEO “guru” or wizard in a cubicle doing magic tricks.

Watch for the Series

In the next couple articles we’ll cover 5 tips to optimize local search for your web pages and how to sign up for the local directories.

We’ll walk you through the basics techniques.

Yes, you can do this.

If you have questions about it, just contact us.

Stay tuned!


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