How To Make Your Brand Win The Benefits vs. Features War in Three Easy Steps!

Benefits vs FeaturesA physical or tangible attribute of your product or service is its feature. It is important for your product to have features that differentiate from the competition. But it is even more essential to make sure that your customers understand how these amazing features benefit them. If they don’t apprehend how these features can help them, then they won’t buy from you. It’s as simple as that!

This makes benefit, the emotional and very elusive reaction that they may feel toward your brand or something they gain from using your products and services.

So how do you decide what to include in your marketing content? Do you put the emphasis on features, describing each one in meticulous detail? Or do you stress the advantages the customer will gain?

That’s a tough choice!

Fact of the matter is that customers are more interested in learning about the benefits. They want to know why they should part with their money i.e. what’s in it for them!

List the Features

Identify the benefits of your product that solve the problems for your perfect customer. What makes your offer the most unique or best offer in the market?

These features usually aren’t enough to motivate someone to take the wallet out. But it is still important to communicate them properly. Sometimes customers just want good information and then they take their time to research before investing in a product. You want to make sure that that your product comes out the winner, so detail the features properly.

A feature will generally not motivate someone to buy.

Think About the Benefits

Time for some brainstorming! Now that you know the features of your service or product, it is time to figure out how your potential customers will benefit from them. Think about each feature separately, what problems does it solve? Does it offer any convenience? What are results of using this feature? How does it facilitate the customer?

Communicate Them Effectively

Now, ponder over how you can effectively use the description of these benefits to make your website and product/services descriptions more compelling. People make purchase decisions based on how much they like the benefits. Make your Small Business Marketing Strategy successful by using the right words to describe them.

You just have to market the benefits because customers love to hear about what something can achieve for them.


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