How to Run a Traffic Report with Google Analytics

This is the third in a series of five lessons will help you set up and use a variety of Google tools.

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At the end of Lesson 3, you will run a traffic report and review the analytics with the help of our tutorial video.

  • You’ll be able to analyze your own website to determine if visitor traffic is growing or shrinking.
  • You’ll explore how many visitors come to your website, as well as the duration of the visits, and how many pages they viewed.

The traffic report will also tell you how many visitors clicked in and quickly left again.

  • This important measurement is called your “bounce rate.”

It is an indication of how well your site it providing what visitors are looking for…or not.

Ready to Move On?

When you are ready, move on to Lesson 4: How to Set Up Google Web Master Tools

At the end of this module’s Lesson 4, you’ll discover how to set up the Google Web Master tools to measure your overall site health and see your site from Google’s perspective as a search engine.

  • You’ll set up your own Web Master Tools account so you can measure where your traffic is coming from, and the level of visitor engagement.

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