How to Set Up an Email Campaign-Time to Launch

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This lesson is about “How to Set Up an Email Campaign-Time to LaunchMC3 Module 11 Lesson 5


Are you ready to jump into the deep end and hit the send button?

• You’ve created some great templates and now the rubber needs to hit the road.

How do you take the next step?


Sending an email campaign is important because this form of marketing can cost-effectively reach your audience to ramp up connections and sales.

• But if you don’t use it…it can’t help you achieve those results.


In this lesson, you’ll go step-by-step to schedule and send an email campaign so that you are comfortable using this powerful marketing technique.

• You’ll discover how easy it is to create campaigns and schedule them into the future.

• Customers will be amazed with your consistent communication and you will be relieved by how simple the whole process is.


Over the course of this lesson you’ll:

  • Examine 3 different types of specialty email campaigns that can be sent with and the benefits of each
  • Walk through the steps to launch a regular email campaign to various groups of subscribers
  • And use the schedule feature to send campaigns at a future date and time.

Each lesson includes the three styles for adult learners with:

• An Audio File

• A Written Transcript

• And a Practice Guide that gives you “hands-on” training customized to your own business.


Let’s start by logging in to

Mail Chimp Logon

Once you are there, click on “Campaign” and then click on the “Create Campaign” button.

Mail Chimp Campaign

There are 4 main types of campaigns you can create.

They are:

• A regular ol’ campaign

• A plain text campaign

• An A/B Split Test campaign

• And an RSS driven campaign

Mail Chimp Campaign types

Let’s look at the purpose and benefits of the three specialty varieties.


A plain-text campaign is used to reach people who prefer this type of email or do not have pictures enabled on their email software-a common downside of Outlook.

  • Additionally, some people believe that plain text campaigns have a higher level of deliverability.
  • It also is a method that more closely approximates “natural” email between two people.

If you think about it, most of your email from friends and colleagues looks more like a plain-text email, than an HTML format.

Don’t worry.

  • makes it easy to provide both formats in your campaigns.


Next, A/B split test campaigns are used when you want to test between two options to see which ones get opened more, or get a better click-through rate.

Common areas to test with this specialty campaign include subject line variations and different delivery days and times.

Mail Chimp AB campaign


Finally, an RSS driven campaign is used to push content (like a blog) out to an audience via email.

Here’s how it works:

  • You hook up your blog URL via an RSS driven campaign.
  • Every day at the same time, the campaign goes out to see if there is anything new to send…like a new blog post.
  • If there is something fresh, the feed picks up the content and then pushes it out to subscribers via an email campaign.
  • If there’s no new content, the campaign is not sent.

Mail Chimp RSS Driven Campaign


Besides it making it easier to distribute content, why would you use an RSS driven campaign?

  • The simple reason is that it grows connections with your audience without having to rely on readers going back to your website to read your blog.

It comes to them, where they are spending time…in their in-box.


In our example, we are going to run a regular campaign.

  • Get started by clicking on “regular ol’ campaign

Mail Chimp Regular Ol Campaign

The first step is to pick which list you want to send the campaign to.

Mail Chimp Pick List also provides options to send to smaller segments of your list.

Mail Chimp Segment List

Once you’ve selected who to send your campaign to, click “next.”


There are several steps at this point.

You’ll name your campaign.

Mail Chimp set up campaign

  • Then, you’ll put who the email is coming from.

(This step is important…both for people to know who is sending the email…but also because it’s part of the anti-spam legislation.)

  • Next, you put in an email subject line.

You want to make it attention-grabbing, but truthful.

MailChimp offers good advice on how different subject lines perform, so check this service out as well.


Next, make sure you give a “reply to” email address, just in case people want to reply.

  • You also have the option of personalizing the “to” field.

In other words, you can merge the recipient’s first name (if you have it) so the email says “Dear so-and-so

Mail Chimp Social Share


Move through the various tabs to determine if you need to edit any of the default settings such as tracking, social media and authentication.

Mail Chimp Review Campaign

Mail Chimp Facebook comments

When you’re ready, click on “next” and go to “design

Mail Chimp Campaign design

Once you’re on the “design” tab you can pick a template to create and edit, or you can use one that is already set up.

Mail Chimp select predesigned template

We’re going to select a template that we previously created to edit for our monthly newsletter.

Mail Chimp example of newsletter

Mail Chimp edit newsletter


After we complete the edit, we’ll do a “pop up preview” to see if there is anything else to adjust.

Mail Chimp popup preview


  • We always recommend that you send a test email to yourself.

Mail Chimp Send Test

It’s amazing how many typos you can catch…that you would have otherwise missed.

When you are ready to go, click on “next.”


This will take you to the “plain text” screen.

Mail Chimp Plain Text

As indicated previously, plain text is very important for people who are not reading their email through an HTML browser.

Mail Chimp copy Html to plain text

Always update the version of the plain text by clicking on the button that says “copy text from HTML email.”

Mail Chimp Plain Text example

  • Don’t miss this step or you will send an old version of the text to readers.

Once you’re happy with the plain text message, click “next.”


This will take you to a “final review” screen.

  • Take a minute to verify which list you are sending the email campaign to.

Look at the rest of the settings to make sure they are what you expect.

Mail Chimp final review

Once you are ready, go to the bottom of the page.

  • There you will see the options to “send now” or “schedule” the campaign to launch on a different day and time.

Mail Chimp schedule campaign

The scheduling feature is great!

  • You can set up the campaign ahead of time and then launch it on the day of the week, and the time that you believe you’ll get the best response.

Once you’re all set, click on “schedule campaign.”

Mail Chimp launch campaign

A message will be returned that the campaign has been scheduled for delivery.


That’s all there is to it.

Your Practice Guide has more detailed instructions and a checklist for launching your own email campaigns.

  • If you have questions about this process, don’t forget your email lifelines for this month.


Great job sticking with it!

  • You’ve taken a big step in growing connections with your audience through the use of email marketing.

In the next module we’ll expand your connection-building techniques with the lesson on Drip Marketing-Ways to Send Consistent Messages and Increase Customer Satisfaction.”

The application of these methods will make your life easier while differentiating you from your competitors…a terrific combination.

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