How to Use Google Web Master Tools

This is the fifth in a series of five lessons will help you set up and use a variety of Google tools.

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By the end of this module’s lesson 5, you’ll discover the remarkable depth of useful information available with Google Web Master Tools.

  • You’ll learn how to be more effective at everything from social media to inbound links with the help of the most powerful search engine on earth.

Thanks for sticking with it!

You’ve just completed the second master class series on Building Traffic to your website.

• You’ve discovered the importance of keyword research

• Peeked behind the curtain to learn how search engine optimization works

• Determined who and what is influencing your perfect customers

• And checked out the powerful, yet free tools offered by Google to measure and analyze you traffic-building results.

You’ve created the foundation to build traffic to your website so that people can find you online and know what you have to offer. 

Next month, we’ll move on to techniques for growing connections with your audience so people grow to know, like and trust you and convert from visitors to satisfied customers.

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