Influencers – Are you making these 3 Big Mistakes with yours?

Influencers Influencers form a great part of any effective internet marketing strategy. In fact, many consider them to be an internet marketing secret. Unfortunately, more often than not, people incorrectly use their influencers and make mistakes that could reduce their sales. Take a look at these 3 major influencer mistakes and see if you are making them.

1 – Incentive? What Incentive?

Probably the biggest mistake businesses make is not providing any incentive to their influencers. The truth is that nobody does anything for free. Even if they have to leave a review on your websites, they need a reason to do so. Moreover, if you want your customers your influencers, you need to give them an incentive to do so. Perhaps a discount on their next purchase?

2 – Not Incentive Enough

Another major mistake people make with their influencers is not providing enough incentive. An effective internet marketing strategy involves sufficient incentives. Donating 1 cent for every sale made to your influencers’ charity is not a good idea as it is not sufficient. However, 25 cents could be.

3 – Not using Customers as Influencers

Effective internet marketing strategies make use of a great internet marketing secret; customers as influencers. Making your customers your influencers not only brings them back, it ensures they bring other people back with them. As such, you need to provide proper incentive to them in the form of discounts, freebies, membership or even goodwill.

Influencers form an important part of any effective internet marketing strategy. However, they are often never properly used. Then again, sometimes it is the little things that render even an internet marketing secret useless. As such, take a quick look at your internet marketing strategy and ask yourself, are you making these mistakes with your influencers?

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