Keyword Depth: Top 3 Ways To Ensure That You Have Enough To Talk About!

Test Keyword DepthYou know your keywords; there are 3 of the main keywords along with several long tail keywords. You have written some really engaging and informative content using them. The website’s been up 3 months and it is updated with fresh content everyday…. But wait!  Are you running out of things to say already?

It is important to have enough depth to your keywords. This will enable you to always find a variation for your keywords that can be written about in an interesting manner. Keyword depth is the secret to developing a successful strategy for internet marketing for small business that gets you significant amounts of traffic for your website.

Let us show you some SEO tips and tricks that can help you find keywords that can be talked about in loads of different ways and make your website endearing for visitors and search engines alike.

1.     Use Keyword Research Tools

Become well acquainted with the Google Adwords Tool. It makes it very easy to find keywords and also test them for depth.

Let’s imagine for a while that you sell cupcakes and own a cupcake shop. You search for keywords related to “cupcake shop” on Google Adwords. Then click on the tab titles “Ad Group Ideas”. See what keywords Google is suggesting in each of the different categories.

For example, there is a category titled “Gourmet”. You will find several key phrases that can work well on your website. These include:

Gourmet cupcake recipes

Make gourmet cupcakes

Gourmet cupcake shop

Gourmet cupcakes online

These can be included in the web content, blogs and internet articles pretty easily.

So it is quite painless to find a selection of keywords with enough depth using the right tools!

2.     Find Common Interests

Get talking with your existing clients and customers and see what words and phrases they use to refer to your brand, products and services. This is an often ignored part of keyword research but that doesn’t diminish its importance.

Knowing the words that people actually use makes it plain and easy to bond with would-be customers by sharing their interests. And it also makes it a lot more straightforward to focus your selling efforts on words that people are essentially searching for.

3.     Discover Conversation Starters

Let’s go back to the Google Adwords Tool. The different categories in the “Ad Group Ideas” section can give you some definite ideas about what people are talking about. Use a bit of creativity to link those words to your business.

For example, when you look for cupcakes, you will see a number of keywords related to the group “birthday”. These can include

18th Birthday cake

40th Birthday cake

Gluten free birthday cake

Happy Birthday cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes delivered

You’ll see some keywords and key phrases that you may not have thought of previously. So broaden your imagination and use keyword research to find some amazing terms that you can talk about non-stop!

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