Keywords Matter: 3 Ways to Get Them to Work for Your Brand!

Keywords matterThe simple truth: You need keywords to produce web-content that get’s their attention!

Keyword research is an important SEO tool that helps website owners makes sense of internet marketing.

If you sell wood flooring solutions, keyword research can help you find out if people are searching for “wood flooring”, “wood flooring for apartments”, “wooden floors”, and “wood floor installations” or something entirely different! You can use the resulting information to carefully craft the text on your website to ensure that they find your website the first thing when searching for your services.

So that’s what keywords are all about! Making sure that your business is found and that your products/services resonate with the users. Here’s how you get keywords to work for you:

Create Content That Matches User Intent

Keywords are your secret magical doorway to the customer’s heart because they give you an understanding of the why they are looking for you! With keyword research, you can find out exactly what people are entering into those search boxes and you don’t even have to pay a lot of money for such privileged information.

For example, you make remote control for electronic devices and your product is targeted for kids. Then your keywords research will show up the following terms are popular “remote for kids”, “programmable remote”, and “Kids TV remote” etc.

Keyword targeting is all about creating content that is user centric.

Choose Your Keywords Carefully

Some keywords get a few hundred clicks a day while others show up on thousands of searches every day. But both of them can mean the same topic and refer to the same thing. But if you pay to rank your website for the commonly used word, you are bound to get a bigger bang for your buck!

Small business SEO is only as effective as the keywords being used for your website. If you rank higher for a totally obscure phrase that isn’t used much for searches, all your efforts and expenses just went down the drain.

Find the Right Keywords to Use

Finding the good keywords is easy when you have the right keyword tools at your disposal. Thankfully the best of them are completely free to use or charge minimally. Yes, the technology does take a bit of getting used to but play with them a little and get to know more about your niche and relevant searches online. Spyfu, Keyword Spy and Google AdWords are popular keyword tools online.

Keywords aren’t going away anytime soon. Instead, they are becoming increasingly important in the wars for customer attention and top dollar online! Find and use your keywords to create appropriate and important content that reverberates with users and answers their questions.

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