Our #1 Tip To Find Out What People Want!

What do People wantSelling shoes online isn’t a new or novel idea. The fact that thousands others are doing it, makes it seem fairly easy as well. You have the website up and ready… so why aren’t the customers showing up? Do they not want your products? Do you not have the right colors or sizes? Or may be its just bad luck!

Here’s The Truth:

Chances are that they don’t even know you exist!

You never optimized your website for keywords and key phrases that they were looking for. They searched for “cheap shoes”, “shoe sales” and “shoe discounts”. Your website features the words “Designer shoes on sale”, “Monolo Blahnik sale”.

There was never really a chance for your e-store.

So, it turns out that you will need to figure out what people want (and how they look for it), if you are to run a successful e-business.

And the key to that is: Research! Research! Research! Keyword Research to be precise.

Engage in a bit of small business SEO to figure out the right SEO keywords that lead people to your website or products.

Don’t use your guesses to figure out what they are looking for. Instead use actual data from SEO keyword tools to figure out what they are looking for, and then cater to it. Get this part wrong, and you will lose both money and time!

You Need To Help Them Locate Your Business!

You want your advertisements to show up in front of the right people. So it is important that you know for a fact that they are interested in what you are saying. And you should also be sure that you are talking about your products/ services in ways that appeal to them.

This means forming a list of SEO keywords that resonate with your audience and accurately represent your USP. There are plenty of online tools ad programs that can help make sense of these keywords that bring traffic to your website. Our favorites include

  • Spyfu: A great tool to spy on your competition as it lets to find out the best Adwords keywords that they are using.
  • Google Webmaster Tool: Free tools from Google that can help you figure out the keywords that your website is ranked for.

Selecting the right SEO keywords can make or break your online marketing efforts. Choose wisely!

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