Our Top 3 Tips to Turn Window Shoppers into Bonafide Customers!

Creating memorable experiencesIsn’t that the ultimate goal of every company? To get the “just looking” crowd to actually buy something?

But what is special about your company? What is it about your products that will stand out with the customers?

The fact of the matter is that your products/services aren’t much different from your competitors’ offerings. So it is important that at least your game plan be unique. Generate small business marketing ideas that benefit your sale and turn ordinary customers into wild, raving fans of your brand!

The secret to ensuring their loyalty is providing your customers with a valuable experience that they only associate with buying your services or products. And here is how you go about doing that:

Discover Their Needs and Cater To Them

Find out the type of experiences that can make it memorable for your customers to buy from you. Be attentive, show them that you recognize them every time they call in or email, customize your services to suit their preferences, and appreciate their business with discounts and coupons to let them know that you are absolutely delighted to have them on your team.

Create Something Memorable Around Your Brand

Brainstorm ways to build memorable experiences as a part of your company branding exercises. What will be the differentiator? If you have a lawn mowing service, go above and beyond and also tell your clients the “top secret” ways of keeping their garden healthy! If you have a small sandwich shop, give them an extra chocolate chip cookie to let them know how much you appreciate them choosing you over the neighbors. They will come back for that cookie, i.e. your brand experience.

Look For Ways to Include These Experiences in your Branding Strategy

In other words…talk about it!

What is the most unforgettable experience about your product or service? Mention it in your ads, on your website and let your customers know that they are in for an amazing, memorable experience when they choose to buy from you… then go ahead and make it worth their time and money!


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