Persuade Your Perfect Customer: Our Top 3 Tips To Build A Relationship With The Influencers!

Who influences my perfect customerEveryone has someone in their lives that they respect, get advice from and listen to unconditionally. Have you ever trusted a friend for a referral to a doctor or checked with a neighbor for their advice regarding lawn care? If yes, then they are the authority figures in your life.

We listen to authority figures because we like to make sure that we are doing, getting, buying the right thing. The various influencers in our lives award us with their advice and experiences that we use when making our own decisions.

Americans love and trust legendary movie stars, TV doctors, TV judges, philanthropists and educators. But more importantly, we put more trust and faith in people we know personally as compared to these famous personalities.

If you really want to experience amazing sales and customer loyalty, make sure to get these influencers and authority figures to work with your brand and products. If they like it, they’ll recommend it and slowly but surely your sales will benefit.  And here is how you do that:

Engage Authorities

There is always that one person on a forum or an online community that is the considered the guru in their field. You’d be wise to get them on your side!

Build positive relationships with them by participating on their forums. By this we mean being sincere and truthful in a non-salesy, non-cheesy way! You will have plenty of time to do some hard selling. But during forum participation use the right tone of voice that helps them set up their authority. Write relevant and appreciative comments and be nice to them. It’ll definitely pay off!

Tell Them How They Benefit From Your Product/Service

You want them to help you sell your brand. But what’s in it for them?

Let them know how working with you will benefit their own cause. How can you help them meet their goals? You offer something that compliments their own authority and field of work, find out ways to partner up that benefits both your organization and their authority.

Be Helpful, Be Nice!

We only suggest service providers who have been generous and courteous to us. Why would they e any different? Get these authority figures to know you, your company and the philosophy behind it. It is extremely important that they grow to value and trust you in order help you build up on the brand.

So before asking frothier help, help them! Think of them as potential customers that need to be wooed before they buy.

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