Reciprocity Engines-How to Increase Engagement

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Let’s get started with Module Ten: “Reciprocity Engines-How to Increase Engagement with Visitors.”Master Class 3 Module 10 Overview

• In this series you’ll take another foundational step to increase the level of connection with your audience.

You’ll harness the power of “reciprocity engines” to attract prospects and make them more willing to hear how your products or services can provide solutions for them.


Does it seem to be harder and harder to get people to share their email address?

• Are you asking more but seeing fewer results?

• Wondering what else will entice people to part with that important piece of information?

What more can you do?


Finding ways to use reciprocity engines is important because they are an affordable and effective way to motivate people to let us continue the conversation with them.


Our focus for this module is to:

• Walk through some of most successful techniques in use today that get people to exchange their contact information for something of value to them

• And differentiate between the various methods so that you can apply the right tool to get the desired result.


This series will take you step-by-step through approaches that increase conversion from visitors to subscribers so you can grow your connections with them over time.

  • You’ll discover techniques that can transform your website from just a “pretty face” into a lead generation system.


Over the course of this module you’ll:

1. Examine what reciprocity engines are and why they work.

2. Look at how to create e-books–a key way to offer something of value to visitors in exchange for their contact information.

3. Discover effective ways to use special reports and white papers that grow connections with potential customers

4. Expand your understanding of how to use giveaways that motivate your audience to take a desired action.

5. And walk through some simple steps you can take to increase the level of trust visitors have in your company.


This module’s topic is broken into 5 short lessons complete with Practice Guides.

• Don’t forget to use your email lifelines during the month if you get stuck.

Here’s how the internet marketing topic of reciprocity engines is broken down for this module:


By the end of lesson 1, you’ll uncover key insights into the psychology that happens when you employ a “give-to-receive” strategy in your marketing.

  • You’ll uncover ways to apply these techniques successfully to grow connections with your audience.
  • You’ll review examples of common reciprocity engines in use today and go behind the scenes to see why these methods can be so effective.


By the end of lesson 2, you’ll discover simple strategies for creating valuable content with a minimum of hassle.

  • You’ll walk through the basics of creating an e-book simply and easily using a word-processing program like MS Word.


By the end of lesson 3, you’ll incorporate these tactics into your own targeted content that persuades readers to take the next step towards becoming a customer.

  • You’ll find effective ways to use special reports and white papers to grow connections with potential customers-especially the ones who relate to your view of how to solve their problems and provide for their unmet wants.


By the end of this module’s lesson 4, you’ll walk through the main considerations related to using giveaways to engage people about your products or services.

  • You’ll determine how to use giveaways effectively so you can motivate your audience to respond to your call-to-action.


By the end of this module’s lesson 5, you’ll discover common trust-building components that your website should include to encourage confidence with your online visitors.

  • You’ll walk through some simple actions you can take to increase the level of trust your visitors experience so they feel comfortable taking the next step in the sales cycle.


So let’s get started by moving to the first lesson: “What are Reciprocity Engines?-Harnessing Key Insights about Human Behavior”

In this lesson you’ll take another step to growing connections by channeling the power of “give-to-receive.”

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