SEO Scams: How to Tell If Your SEO Guy Is Pulling One Over On You… & Google!

Black Hat SEOIf you have invested the time, money and energy into getting a new website up and running, it is only logical that your next step is to learn at least some of the technical stuff about its marketing and upkeep… especially SEO. Understanding SEO scams will keep you from wasting money, or worse, being blacklisted by search engines like Google.

Here, we’ll tell you the most common dirty tricks employed to fool Google into ranking a website and to fool you into paying for SEO that may potentially get your website blacklisted.

Run the other way if your SEO Company engages in any of the following Black Hat SEO services:

Keyword Stuffing: They will repeat keywords and key phrases over and over again throughout the website and compromise readability in hopes for a higher rank!

Keyword Stacking: Repeating keywords in hidden areas of the website hoping the search engine will pick up on the relevance.

The Magical Shrinking Keywords: Keywords are placed all over the website. They are in the same color as the background or in a really tiny font to remain invisible to us. But again the hope is the search engines will be able to pick it up.

Harvesting With Link-Farms: These are automated link-exchange systems designed to fool search engines.

Duplicating Pages and Sites:  Making one Search Engine Optimized page and then duplicating it throughout the website.

Doorway or Information Pages: Used to link back to a website that doesn’t offer any relevance, quality or original content.

Listen to Your Instincts

These tactics do not work and the search engines may block your website from appearing on the search engine results once caught. Ethical SEO services like original, readable content are your best bet for ranking higher organically.

Just remember that if an offer sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Promises that say “rank higher in 7 days or your money back” aren’t going to deliver. So always ensure that your SEO provider knows how to use ethical SEO strategies to provide your visitors with real value in your content. It’s worth the wait!

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