3 Steps To Find Your Influencers And Tap Into Their Fan Base!

How to find your influencersMany internet marketing experts agree that influencer marketing has forever changed the game that is selling online. It has become an important part of effective internet marketing strategies, but are you ready for it?

You may have a good understanding of the industry experts, leading websites, bloggers and others who can influence your potential customers. But it is important to reach out to them in a manner that sets out a positive, professional image for you and your e-business. And the simplest way to do this is by becoming an influencer yourself!

Build a Relationship

Once you have found some influencers, it’s time to set up a mutually beneficial relationship with them. And if you are able to do this part successfully, you brand will become one of the very few ones who got this part right! We have come up with the following 3 tips to help you do that and increase your audience:

Step 1: Give To Receive

If your favorite influencers haven’t tumbled upon our brand yet, don’t despair. It is perfectly alright to approach them with your products and services and let them know what you have to offer. You are in a position to bring them new readers and broader audience. This doesn’t have to be big, in return for their honest review of your brand, give them some referrals, do a giveaway with their audience or gift them a $25 Starbucks voucher if nothing else!

Step 2: Attract Others

You want these influencers to contribute to your site, right? Then go ahead be helpful and cooperative with them as well. Attract them by giving them valuable insights on their posts and articles. This will set you up as someone who knows what they are talking about and they will also appreciate the additional input from you. Make sure that your posts become conversation starters in themselves. A simple “I love your blog, please review my XYZ product” will get you ignored for life.

Step 3: Be Your Best

When we say influencers, we are really talking about the best strategic internet marketing tool you have on your hands. These guys know their worth, so it is important to bring your “A” game when talking to them. Think of it like a first date and do everything in your power to woo them to your side. And they’ll bring all their followers and fans along too.

Be polite, and project confidence that this could be the start of a really lovely, mutually beneficial relationship.

Influencers: Who Are They And Why You Need Them!

Who are InfluencersSo the other day I was at Starbucks ordering coffee. I decided to play it brave and order something different than my usual. It hit me when I was already half way through the coffee; I had ordered something that my friend had been gushing about for the past few days. She said that the Caramel macchiatos are the best thing that ever happened to her (Sad, I know!) and I made a mental note of it. So, it happens that I was influenced to change my choice of coffee by a friend.

Can you get someone to influence your potential customers to order your products or services?

A consumer who advocates for your brand and its products should become your new best friend. It is important to understand who influences your prospective customer because people like to rely on advice and suggestions when it comes to spending money. They want to make sure that they get their money’s worth so they prefer talking to someone with experience and authority to tell it to them like it is. So your influencers are invaluable for your small business marketing efforts.

What Makes an Influencer?

Family, friends, and co-workers are the best influencers. If your brand can impress a person then that person will go on to tell more people about how amazing your services are and influence them to choose you over the competition the next time in the market.

But beware! This works both ways, and they will shout it from the rooftops if they don’t approve of your services or products.

Influencers can also include online sources of information and review sites that compare different choices for searchers. Take for example WebMD, we all head there in case of a headache or sore throat to see what it may mean for our health. Or the Makeup Alley website, many thousands of women won’t invest in a beauty product before reading its reviews on there.

Any source that is trusted by the masses to provide them with the right facts, trustworthy opinions and experiences can become an Influencer. When people purchase something, they want some sort of reinforcement or reassurance afterwards that they did the right thing, they want an affirmation of their emotional drivers and influencers provide just that.

People and Sites That Influence Your Potential Customers

Take some time to think about the types of people and sites that can influence your potential customers. Look at your products and services and ask the following questions:

  • Who would I ask first?
  • Whose advice would I trust the most?
  • Who do I view as the most knowledgeable about my products or services?
  • And who has the biggest audience already?

Figure out the most reliable source of info for your industry, the website, blog or the industry guru who everyone listens to. Use this internet marketing resource to its full advantage.  Send them samples, arrange giveaways with their readers and use them as leverage to get yourself some customers for life!

Creating Value: Top 3 Ways To Get Them To Spend Premium Dollar On Your Brand!

Why Your Solution MattersIf the cheapest products sold the most, we wouldn’t have a market for high-end luxury brands!

Don’t break your back to give your customers the lowest costs. Instead, make it worth for them to spend those extra dollars on your products or services… i.e. give them value for money!

The problem is that you, as the business owner, do not get to decide what value is. It is what the buyer says it is! It is representative of their willingness to purchase from you instead of the other business on the price quoted by you, the seller.

The key to successful internet marketing is creating and increasing the value perception around the brand, so you get to sell more at higher prices. Customers want higher value more than they want the lowest price, and this stands in all markets and business niches throughout the developed world.

Identify What Your Customers Are Really Looking For

People come online looking for a solution. They search for specific keywords on Google and other search engines, and the search results lead them to you. A good internet marketing strategy makes them understand that you have the best, most relevant solution to their problems.

When looking to buy products or services online, customers are usually in search of an organization that offers great value, provides convenience, has friendly and knowledgeable staff and makes it quick and painless for them to make the purchase.

Avoid Things Customers Hate

Customers hate it when sellers have a one-size-fits-all approach to selling. They want to be appreciated and recognized. But more importantly you need to provide personalized services. It is important to research your customer base thoroughly to figure out what they DON’T want!

They want their basic needs to be met. So start off with solving their problems in the best way you can and only then proceed with providing the add-ons and other services. It is important that your customers feel that they are getting all your attention. If a customer ha to call in more than once to get a problem solved, consider them lost!  So make sure that your support process lets your customers experience a “once-and-done” approach to their problems.

Let Your Customers Know That You Understand What They Value

If you aren’t reaching the Perfect Customer, with the right message, you won’t be in business for long.  So make sure that you include what your clients really value, into your list of benefits. If you communicate the value of your products to the customer correctly, you will be able to determine the price and get it!