Two Types of Traffic: Spend Your Time and Money Wisely!

Two types of trafficYou want more unique traffic on your website. And there are two ways to achieve this end. You have to spend a good amount of money for the first one or commit a significant amount of time and effort to get results from the second one.

So choose carefully to guarantee the success of your webpage and get top placement in search results.

So what are you willing to spend? Time or money?

The Importance of Building Traffic on Your Website

When more people end up on your website, your website’s conversion rate climbs as well. An increase in the right kind of traffic gives your products and services more exposure. And it can ultimately lead to the creation of an online community around your brand and website.

Two Main Strategies for Building Traffic

For starters, you can buy traffic to your website. But to make it money well-spent, it is important that you achieve enough engagement with your online ads.

And secondly, you can always depend on search engines to send some free or organic traffic your way. You will need to put in a lot of work to create a search engine optimized website though.

Carefully determine which method best fits your needs because each of these methods has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Paid Traffic vs. Organic Traffic

Paid placement will get you the results you need pretty fast! Pay-per-click advertisements are placed strategically above all the search results on Google making your website the first thing searchers see when they come looking. So if you want to get to the top of the page in no time at all, PPC is your option.

Yes you will have to pay for it, but Google makes it very easy to for advertisers to put a cap on what is spent. And since you only pay when a person clicks on your link, you can easily tell Google to stop displaying your website once $100 or $1000 has been spent from your account.

The main disadvantage for PPC and paid traffic is that people often ignore these paid placements just like they ignore all forms of advertisements. Ads are generally less trusted than organic searches.

On the other hand, free or organic traffic is a sign of approval for your website. Yes it can be a real slow and tedious process to build up your website in organic search, but the results really payoff well in terms of better traffic.

Organic is hard to do, and you would need to be willing to work on the content and keep it engaging, interesting and fresh in order to give your website visitors more value and to keep them coming back for more. Not to mention, you’ll have to keep changing your SEO strategy and constantly introduce eBooks, blogs and social networking content to stay relevant.

The last Word!

The truth is that an e-business can’t rely on a single source of traffic. You must create an affordable and effective mix of strategies that drive visitors to your website to really make the best of the situation.

Where Is My Perfect Customer? Our Top 3 Tips To Stalk Them Not Spook Them!

Where is my perfect customerIn order to get the most out of your internet marketing effort, you must know where to target your campaign for maximum impact!

Do you know where your customers are on the internet? Which social media sites are their favorites, which news sites they visit most regularly and what about the forums they frequently visit to solve their everyday dilemmas?

Half your marketing battle is won when you can understand where your customers can be found on the internet! So here are our top tips to help you on your way to efficiently identifying your customers’ e-hangouts so you can target them better while also saving time and money.

Use Videos and YouTube to Your Advantage

When your prospective clients search for something on Google, the video results show up on the top. Make sure that these videos lead to you! Sometimes people go straight to YouTube to search, by passing Google altogether. Many customers prefer watching videos over reading. Videos also help in creating online visibility for your brand and build trust with the viewers.

So make them come to you by making online video and YouTube marketing a part of your Targeted Internet Marketing repertoire!

Find Out Their Social Networking Habits

Twitter and Facebook are excellent tools for Internet Marketing for Small Business and also for setting yourself up as an authority and expert in your field. In fact use Facebook Connect services to register and login your clients on to your website. Track your prospective customers and their social media usage habits and find ways to better cater to them. Reach out to your customers on LinkedIn, Flickr, FourSquare or even Google+ if that’s where your customers might be! Be nice to them, be authentic and cater to their needs, and you will soon get some good business flowing your way.

Conduct Your Own Survey

Social networking site can tell you a lot about how to engage potential customers. But nothing beats the good old technique of outright asking them to find out if you have something they’d want to buy.

A survey form takes care of this exceptionally well. Ask them question like Where did you hear about us? Or how often do you visit our website? Or what was the last purchase you made from our website? Don’t ask more than 4 questions at a time and give them an incentive for completing your survey form. For example, you could give a discount coupon to people who complete the survey.

The Last Word

Your perfect customer is out there, using the internet, looking for solutions, ideas and connections. Find them and help them find you by using the multitude of tools available for the savvy business marketer.


Persuade Your Perfect Customer: Our Top 3 Tips To Build A Relationship With The Influencers!

Who influences my perfect customerEveryone has someone in their lives that they respect, get advice from and listen to unconditionally. Have you ever trusted a friend for a referral to a doctor or checked with a neighbor for their advice regarding lawn care? If yes, then they are the authority figures in your life.

We listen to authority figures because we like to make sure that we are doing, getting, buying the right thing. The various influencers in our lives award us with their advice and experiences that we use when making our own decisions.

Americans love and trust legendary movie stars, TV doctors, TV judges, philanthropists and educators. But more importantly, we put more trust and faith in people we know personally as compared to these famous personalities.

If you really want to experience amazing sales and customer loyalty, make sure to get these influencers and authority figures to work with your brand and products. If they like it, they’ll recommend it and slowly but surely your sales will benefit.  And here is how you do that:

Engage Authorities

There is always that one person on a forum or an online community that is the considered the guru in their field. You’d be wise to get them on your side!

Build positive relationships with them by participating on their forums. By this we mean being sincere and truthful in a non-salesy, non-cheesy way! You will have plenty of time to do some hard selling. But during forum participation use the right tone of voice that helps them set up their authority. Write relevant and appreciative comments and be nice to them. It’ll definitely pay off!

Tell Them How They Benefit From Your Product/Service

You want them to help you sell your brand. But what’s in it for them?

Let them know how working with you will benefit their own cause. How can you help them meet their goals? You offer something that compliments their own authority and field of work, find out ways to partner up that benefits both your organization and their authority.

Be Helpful, Be Nice!

We only suggest service providers who have been generous and courteous to us. Why would they e any different? Get these authority figures to know you, your company and the philosophy behind it. It is extremely important that they grow to value and trust you in order help you build up on the brand.

So before asking frothier help, help them! Think of them as potential customers that need to be wooed before they buy.