Finding Influencers – As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Finding InfluencersFor some, finding the right influencers is a rather difficult task. For others, it is really easy. In order to ensure an effective internet marketing strategy, you need to find the right influencers. But it’s not easy to find influencers, right? Wrong. In fact, finding influencers is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1 – Are they Relevant to your Product or Service?

The first thing you need to do is find an influencer who is relevant to your product and/or service. For example, if you sell music editing software, the last thing you need is an athlete promoting your product. Instead, to ensure an effective internet marketing strategy, find an influencer such as a DJ to promote your software.

2 – How Connected are your Influencers?

Even if you have the most relevant person in your industry as your influencer, it will not mean much if they are not connected. As such, to ensure effective strategic internet marketing, you need to ensure that you find influencers who are not only well connected, but well connected with your niche. This could be through a social media page or even a forum.

3 – How Often can they Influence People?

Some influencers simply promote your product and/or service a few times and leave. An effective strategic internet marketing plan involves the frequent use of the right influencers. If you provide the right incentives, your influencers will continue to be your influencers. As such, ensure that you know how often they will influence people. As a rule of thumb, ensure that they can influence your customers at least once a month.

An effective internet marketing strategy involves the use of the right influencers. With the above information, finding them will not be hard as you now know what to look for. If you haven’t done so already, go find influencers and make them part of your strategic internet marketing plan today!

5 Great Ways to Create Value for your Customers

Create Value for your CustomersEven if you have a business degree, chances are that you may not be successful in creating value for your customers. If you could, you wouldn’t be reading this now would you? Fortunately, we are going to teach you how to create value for your customers. In fact, we are going to show you 5 great ways to create value for your customers.

1 – Make everything Easy for your Customer

The easiest way to create value for your customers is to make everything easy for them – effective internet marketing. From navigating to the product page to finalizing their purchase, your customers want everything to be easy and streamlined for them. As such, ensure that it is!

2 – Provide Convenience

Particularly effective in small business marketing plans, another easy way to create value for your customer is by providing convenience services, even if they are free of cost. For example, offer free delivery on all items above a certain limit.

3 – Always be Available

The one thing that customers do not appreciate is unavailability. If customers can contact your company, then you need to answer them quickly. Failure to do so and your customers will not return. As such, to ensure effective internet marketing, always have at least one representative available to deal with customers.

4 – Set the Right Price

While you can always increase the price because you offer better services, your customers cannot be fooled. They know as much as you do that services can only increase the price so much. After all, they are buying your product, not the added services.

As such, in any marketing plan, especially a small business marketing plan, ensure that you set the right price; one that your customers can agree to paying.

5 – Hire the Right People

Sometimes, it’s not the product that deters people from purchasing from you, it’s the people you have hired to handle your customers. For example, if you offer great products at low prices, your customers could be deterred if the person behind the help desk is not supportive or does not understand your customers’ needs.

In any effective internet marketing plan, even a small business marketing plan, ensure that you create value for your customers. If you are unable to do so, you will start to quickly lose customers. In fact, you may even lose new customers before they even reach you.

The Top 3 Ways People Use the Internet

How People Use the InternetThe internet is a treasure trove of information. Searching for “flowers” comes up with over half a billion results alone. If you have a flower business, you really don’t stand a chance. Or do you? If you know how people use the internet, and use figures to your advantage, your business could easily skyrocket. Here is a look at the top 3 ways people use the internet and why numbers matter.

1 – Through Search Engines

The most frequent method of using the internet is through a web search engine, particularly Google. Did you know that 70% of all internet searches are done on Google? Internet users always open a search engine, search for a basic term and progress from there. In other words, an internet search is step 1.

For example, internet users will use a web search engine to search for a nearby flower shop when they want to purchase “flowers for a wedding.” By using the number of searches made, you can see that your marketing strategy should move towards wedding flowers.

2 – On Social Media Websites

When they are not searching, internet users, your potential customers, are often interacting on social media websites. Here, billions of customers interact, using the opinions of others to make a choice.

For example, if a new LED is launched, people will be talking about it on sites such as Facebook. Using this data, you can structure your website content around related keywords that rank high, helping you get the traffic you need. This makes for great marketing, particularly internet marketing for small businesses.

3 – On Video Sharing Websites

Finally, the 3rd most common method of internet usage is through video sharing websites. More often than not, video sharing websites, particularly YouTube, influence internet marketing for small businesses. The see trends on sites such as YouTube and use that to influence user decisions, particularly on any web search engine.

For example, when searching for gaming products, most users look to YouTube for videos of a gaming product in use. This is most common for speakers, video cards, monitors and processors.

Understanding how your customers use the internet is a vital component of any marketing strategy, particularly internet marketing for small businesses. By looking at the figures supporting these trends, you can market your product and/or service more effectively than ever before.