Incentives for Influencers: More Ideas!

OK.32 ideaWant to persuade your influencers to help out with the promotion of your brand?

Sometimes all you got to do is ask!

Paying influencers doesn’t necessarily have to mean financial compensation. All it takes on your part is being attentive to their needs, as well as being courteous and thankful when they do what’s required of them.

Yes, it can be as simple as that!

How to Get the Word Out!

Let your existing customers know that you want referrals and you may be surprised at the outcome. Existing customers can be really helpful for any small business lead generation program. Make the referral request a part of all your customer communications and marketing materials. Some great examples are:

We love referrals.  If you had a great experience, please tell your friends and neighbors.”

We are looking for 3 more satisfied customers this month. Do you know someone else who could benefit from our products or services?  Please contact us at…”

And finally be nice, and say thank you. Help the goodwill to spread.

Incentive Ideas for Influencers!

As long as your influencers are convinced that they are going through an exclusive experience working with your brand, they will be more than happy to help out. Some good ideas include:

  • Featuring influencers on an elite website or social group
  • Start social rewards programs where you can provide a percentage of all sales referred by them to their favorite charities.
  • Creating a Pinterest board to highlight all the uses your influencers got out of your brand
  • Blogging about your influencers
  • Tweeting a thank-you to your influencers, for using and recommending your products or services

Build on-going advocacy for your brand by making sure your influencer understands your company and its products and sees the bigger benefit provided by them.

Your influencers can be your secret weapon for an effective Small Business Marketing Plan, when it comes to more interest in your brand and higher traffic to your website.

How to Create Incentives for Influencers!

How to Create Incentives for InfluencersYou know who your social influencers are. These are the people who you have identified as necessary for creating a better following for your products, services and brand in social circles.

But do you have a solid plan of action to get these influencers to do your brand’s bidding?

Once you have successful located the right influencer, it is time to convince them to help you out with the dissemination of your brand’s message. It may feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with your influencer engagement strategy, but you must persist in order to achieve the social marketing objectives of your small business marketing plan.

Let us help!

Get Creative! Incentives Need Not Be Financial!

Believe it or not, you don’t need to shower your influencers with cash and freebies to get them to help you out. Most of them are nice folk, who think it unethical to take money to recommend a company to their followers, fans and friends.

Help them out with something they do need and they will do so in return for you. It’s only human nature!

Here are some incentive ideas to start you on your way to making friends with your influencers!

Support What They Care About

The best way to do it would be putting a “Make a Donation” button on your webpage and letting them know the link, which they can send to their followers. Or let a percentage of all sale proceeds go to their charity, they will definitely be willing to inspire some more sales to support their favorite charities.

Tap into a Ready-made Base of Satisfied Customers

An already established referral program can be invaluable for a small business, and plays an important part in small business lead generation programs. But many entrepreneurs miss the opportunity to set one. Work with your influencer and create an army of satisfied customers who are willing and able to share their great experience with your brand with everyone they know.

Grow Your Affiliate Network

And lastly, make sure that when a person goes from your influencers’ site to your site, the influencer is amply rewarded. Set up an affiliate program for them to benefit. Again, the benefits don’t have to be monetary. They could be offered a discount code for every hundred persons they refer to your site, for example.

The Last Word

Work through these incentives with your influencers and find the one that suits them the best. Remember this is just a start; there are plenty of others ways to influence your influencer and get them to work with your brand.

3 Steps To Find Your Influencers And Tap Into Their Fan Base!

How to find your influencersMany internet marketing experts agree that influencer marketing has forever changed the game that is selling online. It has become an important part of effective internet marketing strategies, but are you ready for it?

You may have a good understanding of the industry experts, leading websites, bloggers and others who can influence your potential customers. But it is important to reach out to them in a manner that sets out a positive, professional image for you and your e-business. And the simplest way to do this is by becoming an influencer yourself!

Build a Relationship

Once you have found some influencers, it’s time to set up a mutually beneficial relationship with them. And if you are able to do this part successfully, you brand will become one of the very few ones who got this part right! We have come up with the following 3 tips to help you do that and increase your audience:

Step 1: Give To Receive

If your favorite influencers haven’t tumbled upon our brand yet, don’t despair. It is perfectly alright to approach them with your products and services and let them know what you have to offer. You are in a position to bring them new readers and broader audience. This doesn’t have to be big, in return for their honest review of your brand, give them some referrals, do a giveaway with their audience or gift them a $25 Starbucks voucher if nothing else!

Step 2: Attract Others

You want these influencers to contribute to your site, right? Then go ahead be helpful and cooperative with them as well. Attract them by giving them valuable insights on their posts and articles. This will set you up as someone who knows what they are talking about and they will also appreciate the additional input from you. Make sure that your posts become conversation starters in themselves. A simple “I love your blog, please review my XYZ product” will get you ignored for life.

Step 3: Be Your Best

When we say influencers, we are really talking about the best strategic internet marketing tool you have on your hands. These guys know their worth, so it is important to bring your “A” game when talking to them. Think of it like a first date and do everything in your power to woo them to your side. And they’ll bring all their followers and fans along too.

Be polite, and project confidence that this could be the start of a really lovely, mutually beneficial relationship.