Niche Keywords – Are you making these 3 Mistakes?

Find Niche KeywordsNiche keywords are great! They help you find your customers and help them find you. However, as a business grows, we see that many start making mistakes with their niche keywords; even simple small business seo mistakes. Are you one of them? Are you making these 3 major mistakes with your niche keywords?

1 – Writing Highly Specific Keywords

Using specific niche keywords such as “affordable wedding flowers in New York” is great. However, when this becomes longer and more specific than ever before, problems arise.  “Affordable wedding flowers on 5th Avenue New York” is a prime example of the niche seo keywords you should not use. Why? Because it’s highly specific and nobody would search for something that specific all the time. They will likely search for “Affordable wedding flowers 5th Avenue.”

2 – Using Highly Competitive Keywords

Even if you have the right seo keywords, there is a chance that you do not rank high. Why? Because your niche keywords are highly competitive! While the term may be searched a lot, you will have to fight for the first page with hundreds, if not thousands of other web pages.

As such, when choosing niche keywords, find a balance between frequently searched seo keywords and those with relatively low competition. Not only will this rank you better and faster, but ensure that you have an edge over your competition. This will also ensure the effectiveness of your small business seo strategy.

3 – Neglecting Winnable Phrases/Keywords

When selecting niche keywords, many small businesses neglect winnable phrases. It may be because they are not searched for frequently or they may think they are rather awkward. However, sometimes the best keywords are those that may seem a little awkward.

For example, “ATI vs Nvidia” may seem a little awkward but for anyone comparing video cards, it is an often searched for phrase. As such, if there are winnable phrases, ensure that you never neglect them. Sometimes, they can be the base of your small business seo strategy. Moreover, if you run an informative website, winnable keywords may be your best bet.

Niche seo keywords form an important part of any SEO strategy. However, when they are not used effectively, or when you make mistakes such as those mentioned above, your business can suffer. As such, if you are making any of the above 3 mistakes when selecting your niche keywords, we would like to advise against it.

The Top 3 Ways People Use the Internet

How People Use the InternetThe internet is a treasure trove of information. Searching for “flowers” comes up with over half a billion results alone. If you have a flower business, you really don’t stand a chance. Or do you? If you know how people use the internet, and use figures to your advantage, your business could easily skyrocket. Here is a look at the top 3 ways people use the internet and why numbers matter.

1 – Through Search Engines

The most frequent method of using the internet is through a web search engine, particularly Google. Did you know that 70% of all internet searches are done on Google? Internet users always open a search engine, search for a basic term and progress from there. In other words, an internet search is step 1.

For example, internet users will use a web search engine to search for a nearby flower shop when they want to purchase “flowers for a wedding.” By using the number of searches made, you can see that your marketing strategy should move towards wedding flowers.

2 – On Social Media Websites

When they are not searching, internet users, your potential customers, are often interacting on social media websites. Here, billions of customers interact, using the opinions of others to make a choice.

For example, if a new LED is launched, people will be talking about it on sites such as Facebook. Using this data, you can structure your website content around related keywords that rank high, helping you get the traffic you need. This makes for great marketing, particularly internet marketing for small businesses.

3 – On Video Sharing Websites

Finally, the 3rd most common method of internet usage is through video sharing websites. More often than not, video sharing websites, particularly YouTube, influence internet marketing for small businesses. The see trends on sites such as YouTube and use that to influence user decisions, particularly on any web search engine.

For example, when searching for gaming products, most users look to YouTube for videos of a gaming product in use. This is most common for speakers, video cards, monitors and processors.

Understanding how your customers use the internet is a vital component of any marketing strategy, particularly internet marketing for small businesses. By looking at the figures supporting these trends, you can market your product and/or service more effectively than ever before.

How to get Attention from Spiders and People in 5 Minutes

How to get attention from spiders and peopleIf you want internet traffic, then you have to get the attention of spiders – internet spiders that is – and your users. If you don’t they will never come back to your website. So, how do you get their attention on the internet? Do you use many seo techniques? Can you stray from ethical seo services? Well, you can get the attention you need in 5 minutes. Read on if you want the scoop!

Keep it Short and Interesting

The first thing you need to do is keep your website content short and interesting. If it is a blog or even a small article, you need to keep it short and interesting. When you do so, internet spiders will believe that it is rather informative and has high quality content in it. Humans will not be irritated by the length. After all, who wants to read on and on about one topic?

Use White Hat Approaches

When it comes to seo techniques, the worst thing you can do is use black hat approaches. While they may get you ranked faster, it is only a matter of time before those pesky spiders find out what you are doing and label punish you and rank you lower than ever before. As such, do the smart thing and stick to ethical seo services. They will help you get ranked higher and will get you human traffic.

Specific and Catchy Titles

If you really want to get the attention of both spiders and people in 5 minutes, all you need to do is change your title – it’s that simple. Instead of “Flowers for her,” why not “5 Birthday Flowers that will make her Smile”? Not only is it specific to the internet spiders, (thanks to the keyword birthday flowers) but it is interesting as well.

If you want attention from spiders and people in 5 minutes, make sure you use the right seo techniques. Most importantly though, always use ethical seo services. After all, the goal is to rank high, not be ranked low as punishment.