How to Create Incentives for Influencers!

How to Create Incentives for InfluencersYou know who your social influencers are. These are the people who you have identified as necessary for creating a better following for your products, services and brand in social circles.

But do you have a solid plan of action to get these influencers to do your brand’s bidding?

Once you have successful located the right influencer, it is time to convince them to help you out with the dissemination of your brand’s message. It may feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with your influencer engagement strategy, but you must persist in order to achieve the social marketing objectives of your small business marketing plan.

Let us help!

Get Creative! Incentives Need Not Be Financial!

Believe it or not, you don’t need to shower your influencers with cash and freebies to get them to help you out. Most of them are nice folk, who think it unethical to take money to recommend a company to their followers, fans and friends.

Help them out with something they do need and they will do so in return for you. It’s only human nature!

Here are some incentive ideas to start you on your way to making friends with your influencers!

Support What They Care About

The best way to do it would be putting a “Make a Donation” button on your webpage and letting them know the link, which they can send to their followers. Or let a percentage of all sale proceeds go to their charity, they will definitely be willing to inspire some more sales to support their favorite charities.

Tap into a Ready-made Base of Satisfied Customers

An already established referral program can be invaluable for a small business, and plays an important part in small business lead generation programs. But many entrepreneurs miss the opportunity to set one. Work with your influencer and create an army of satisfied customers who are willing and able to share their great experience with your brand with everyone they know.

Grow Your Affiliate Network

And lastly, make sure that when a person goes from your influencers’ site to your site, the influencer is amply rewarded. Set up an affiliate program for them to benefit. Again, the benefits don’t have to be monetary. They could be offered a discount code for every hundred persons they refer to your site, for example.

The Last Word

Work through these incentives with your influencers and find the one that suits them the best. Remember this is just a start; there are plenty of others ways to influence your influencer and get them to work with your brand.

Influencers: Who Are They And Why You Need Them!

Who are InfluencersSo the other day I was at Starbucks ordering coffee. I decided to play it brave and order something different than my usual. It hit me when I was already half way through the coffee; I had ordered something that my friend had been gushing about for the past few days. She said that the Caramel macchiatos are the best thing that ever happened to her (Sad, I know!) and I made a mental note of it. So, it happens that I was influenced to change my choice of coffee by a friend.

Can you get someone to influence your potential customers to order your products or services?

A consumer who advocates for your brand and its products should become your new best friend. It is important to understand who influences your prospective customer because people like to rely on advice and suggestions when it comes to spending money. They want to make sure that they get their money’s worth so they prefer talking to someone with experience and authority to tell it to them like it is. So your influencers are invaluable for your small business marketing efforts.

What Makes an Influencer?

Family, friends, and co-workers are the best influencers. If your brand can impress a person then that person will go on to tell more people about how amazing your services are and influence them to choose you over the competition the next time in the market.

But beware! This works both ways, and they will shout it from the rooftops if they don’t approve of your services or products.

Influencers can also include online sources of information and review sites that compare different choices for searchers. Take for example WebMD, we all head there in case of a headache or sore throat to see what it may mean for our health. Or the Makeup Alley website, many thousands of women won’t invest in a beauty product before reading its reviews on there.

Any source that is trusted by the masses to provide them with the right facts, trustworthy opinions and experiences can become an Influencer. When people purchase something, they want some sort of reinforcement or reassurance afterwards that they did the right thing, they want an affirmation of their emotional drivers and influencers provide just that.

People and Sites That Influence Your Potential Customers

Take some time to think about the types of people and sites that can influence your potential customers. Look at your products and services and ask the following questions:

  • Who would I ask first?
  • Whose advice would I trust the most?
  • Who do I view as the most knowledgeable about my products or services?
  • And who has the biggest audience already?

Figure out the most reliable source of info for your industry, the website, blog or the industry guru who everyone listens to. Use this internet marketing resource to its full advantage.  Send them samples, arrange giveaways with their readers and use them as leverage to get yourself some customers for life!

3 Steps To Creating Sharable Content That Influencers Will Love!

OK.26 SharableContentYou really want the influencers to love your brand? Yea?

Then give them ready-made, easy to share content that they can share with their own audience. Making it possible for influencers and others who want your content significantly increases the likelihood of your information spreading through social media and other outlets.

This also boosts your audience of possible customers and drives traffic to your site.

Step 1: Figure out the Type of Content People like To Share

You already know by now who your perfect customers and influencers are and where they can be found. Connect with them where they already are and figure out the type of info they like to share on the internet. Remember people want shareable content that gives them good value, not some sales-pitchy half hearted attempt at getting them to visit your website. Give them tips, tricks and how-to’s that intelligently inform them of your brand. Good content can spark conversations, shows that you care and recognizes things that are important to your audience.

Step 2: Brainstorm Ways to Create This Type of Content

Do all the work, prepare your content and make it presentable so your influencers don’t have to do any work. Make it easy for them to share your content. It is important to remember that every amount of effort it takes for others to share your message will reduce your chance of success.  That is really hamper internet marketing for small business.

Engaging videos, white papers, blog articles etc can all be a part of your influencer marketing tactics.

In fact, create a portfolio with all different kinds of stuff such as .pdf documents, YouTube videos, and .mp3 audio content. Put your links clearly and legibly in plain sight so people can follow the crumbs to your website if they want to.

Step 3: Make Technology Your Friend

Include links in all  your content, make your website easy to find, have presence on all social media outlooks such as Facebook and Twitter etc., give your readers the facility to share your content at the touch of a button and manage your online presence for any negative feedback and respond immediately.

All of these strategies add to the share-ability of your content and make it easy for influencers and others to spread your message.