The Great Internet Marketing Hoax

Will Internet Marketing MythsPeople ask me-what’s a CPA doing running an internet marketing business?

Are There Really Magic Beans?

In 2010 I formed an online training company located in Loveland Colorado, USA.  It was so frustrating trying to get straight answers as a small business owner from the latest internet marketing gurus. It was almost impossible to find resources that I could really trust.

From my perspective, the whole thing seemed to consist of poorly written posts, mysterious linking to completely unrelated businesses and continuous offers to sell me magic  lists of companies just waiting to link to my website.

There had to be a better way!

It Really Ticked Me Off…

Come on, let’s get real.  As a small business owner, I have expectations.  I want someone to be able to explain what I need to know and do in a straight-forward, no “smoke and mirrors” way.  I want to understand-what I’m doing and why.

It really ticks me off when I get taken, and yes, I have to say that I spent thousands of dollars with “so-called” online promotion experts.

I finally had enough of taking advice from people with no real business experience who wouldn’t know how to manage a consulting project if…well…their body piercing depended on it.

And when I get ticked off-I start looking for a solution.

What Can Jeopardy Teach Us?

Like the Jeopardy game show, when the answer is “A way to build a successful small business” the question comes back to “What is effective internet marketing?”

Effective online marketing-at least the type that doesn’t make me feel like I need to take a shower afterwards-is about building connections with your audience.

It’s no different from having a conversation with an acquaintance who becomes a friend.  No, it’s not going to make it rain money.   But knowing what to do and breaking down the overwhelming amount of information into bite-sized pieces will head us in the right direction.

How to Grow Your Business with Internet Marketing

Over the coming weeks  we are setting out on a grand adventure.  Give small business owners a step-by-step blueprint for marketing strategies that make sense for both DIY types and others who just want to know enough to hold an intelligent conversation with the people they hire to help them.

We know there are other resources for internet marketing– but none of them exactly offered what I wanted as a business owner:

  • Effective real-world strategies I can live with
  • Resources that are quick and simple to use
  • Support that keeps me moving forward to reach my dreams

-And to not feel like I’m all by myself figuring this out

So next week we start our first private beta testing of the materials with a workshop at the Loveland Center for Business Development.  Our goal is to make sure our community has a great learning experience without a bunch of overwhelm.


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Lucy Morgan CPA


What’s your worst internet marketing story?

How about you? Share your “learning experience” story in the comments and let me know what you would do differently in hindsight.

Thanks for taking the time to share.





  1. Lucy Morgan CPA says

    I know what you mean. There is so much internet marketing advice out there-it’s hard to know where to start!
    It’s always a tough balance between spending time or money. Both are valuable commodities to small business owners.
    As a business owner myself, I think successful internet marketing means you have to understand enough about it to spend both time and money effectively.
    It doesn’t matter if you are a D-I-Y’er or hiring someone. You can’t just shovel a bunch of money to some SEO company and expect good results.
    Thanks for your thoughts!
    Check out our roadmap of how we laid it all out.

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