The Number 1 Reason Why People Buy!

small business marketingUnderstanding marketing triggers can help you make better sales and find customers who are eager to buy.

It isn’t rocket science though.

It fact we generally use our brains only after we’ve made the decision on an emotional level.

Reason #1: Emotion Drives Purchasing Decisions

Let’s face it.

It’s emotions that make people want to buy things.

Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that people buy only when they need.

The solid fact-(backed by years of scientific research) is that people buy what they want, when they want it!

Then later on, they justify their purchases with rationales leading them to believe that they really needed those things.

That’s why it is important to nail down what part of your products and services appeals to potential customers on an emotional level.

Wants are driven by emotions, and it is these emotions that you should be connecting with.

…So People Buy Because They Are Emotional!

And what drives these emotions?

Here are “big three”

1. Safety and Security

2. Approval and Validation

3. Control and Freedom

These three things together have an impact on the purchasing decisions for a majority of people.

  • Your product or service should be able to impact one or more of these drivers to become successful.

Include messages around these drivers in your small business marketing campaign to turn passive lookers into active buyers.

So how do you appeal to their emotional side and get them to part with some of their hard earned cash?

Create Demand By Scarcity!

Here’s an example:

Why do you think the big toy companies release limited edition toys right before Christmas and have people chasing them around the town?

The concept is “scarcity.”

Nobody stands in line or drives all over to purchase “traditional” (i.e. easy to find) products!

People buy limited edition cosmetics, toys, perfumes and clothes because of the prestige of having something that many others won’t ever get the chance to!

Think about ways you can increase the “exclusivity” factor of your products or services to drive demand.

Market With A Sense of Urgency!

Next, urgency compels us to take action right NOW!

When a buyer is on the fence about purchasing something, just knowing that it may not be available the next day is enough to send them over the edge!

So create a sense of urgency, necessity and enthusiasm to convince customers that they are indeed making the right choice.

Think about ways you can tap into this concept to motivate buyers to want your product or services now…instead of later.

Offer A Specialized Product!

Finally, don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Figure out who your perfect customer is and create a niche that caters only to them.

Being a jack of all trades will be harmful for you, your products and the health of your business.

These points are a seller’s best-kept secret.

Figure out a way to use them to your advantage.

  • Sell luxury.
  • Sell promise.
  • Sell inspiration!


Lucy Morgan CPA

Lucy Morgan CPA


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