The Real Perfect Customer Is The One Who Pays!

Who is my actual customerSheesh! Marketing is tough job!

But you seem to have done alright. You found the right customer, created and perfected a website that drives sales, you know the perfect keywords for your products and services, and it all seems to be paying off!

Except that it really isn’t! You aren’t getting paid because your perfect customers aren’t your actual customers! The actual customers are the one’s paying for your products, i.e. your perfect customers’ mom, dad, husband, or grandparent.

Wait…. What Just Happened?

Well, you just got introduced to a brand new market segment that your business will need to cater to.

Take for example, diamond engagement rings, the perfect customer is the woman who is about to get married or engaged, but the actual customer is the fiancé who is picking up the tab!

It is important to understand and cater your services to appeal to the actual customers. Don’t drive them during marketing efforts thinking that your customers are the ones who use your products. The real, actual customers are the ones who buy your products. Never forget!

Them with the Gold… Rules!

So make sure that your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) targets the buying needs of both the perfect customers and the actual customers. Your marketing efforts will be successful only when you convince the person paying that their money is well spent and their kids, husbands or wives will love getting your product and will benefit from it in some way. Find the right marketing ideas for small businesses and creatively word your USP so it appeals to the emotions of both the actual and the perfect customer, guaranteeing sales for you!

Go… Make It Real!

It’s time to change your definition of the perfect customer and include some in-depth specs about the actual customer. Recreate the perfect customer profile including the demographics and values for both of them. Rewrite your USP with the new perfect customer in mind. Utilize internet marketing techniques that cater to this perfect customer.

Now sell to your heart’s content!

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