The Top 3 Differences between Regular and Effective Internet Marketing

Benefits and SolutionsMarketing is a very broad topic and every now and then, someone thinks that they are great at it. But are they really great? Do they have the best internet marketing strategies? The truth is that they are probably far from it. In fact, they are probably using the same old regular internet marketing strategies. Here is a look at the top 3 differences between regular and effective internet marketing.

1 – Results vs. Product

Regular internet marketing is all about selling your product online. However, effective internet marketing revolves around selling the result, not the product. Wait what? Selling the results? If you want to sell a high-end gaming PC, sell a PC that will “let you play the latest games at a beautiful 60fps” not “a powerful gaming PC.” But why?

Using the above example, nobody wants a gaming pc, they want a gaming PC that plays everything smoothly and with beautiful visual fidelity. See the difference?

2 – Benefits vs. Features

If you are looking for a mattress, would you rather know about the latest pocket spring technology or how it helps you get to sleep faster than ever before? Such is the difference between effective and regular marketing; one revolves around selling a product, the other around the benefits

3 – The Right Media

A good picture helps in the marketability of any product. But do you know what is better? A video of your product in use! Regular marketing uses simple pictures to show consumers what the product is. However, effective internet marketing makes use of videos, animations, sound and flash to not only create a more holistic experience, but demonstrate why your product is superior.

Times have changed and so has marketing. In order to capture more attention than your competitors, you need the right internet marketing strategies. The only way to make them is to ditch traditional internet marketing tactics and start using out of the box thinking to create some creative, effective and absolutely astonishing internet marketing strategies.

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