The Top 3 Tips about Keyword Research

SEO Keyword researchSEO keywords form some of the best internet marketing tools. Not only do they help rank your business or site faster, they help you get the right customers. But how do you make your words mean more? Is it all in the research? If so, here are 3 great tips that are going to help improve your keyword research.

1 – Decide your Niche

If you are a wedding photographer, you need to decide what your niche is. You need to know what you specialize in and find such SEO keywords. For example, if you are a birthday photographer, you need to find SEO keywords that relate to your niche such as “best birthday photographer.”

Not only will this help your get more customers, this will ensure that you get the right customers, helping you deliver the right results.

2 – Choose High Ranking Keywords

Many people make the mistake of choosing any Keywords Willy Nilly. The truth is that if you want to rank high by search engines, you need to use high ranking Keywords. For example, in the US, instead of using “make money from home,” searched 18,100 times every month, use “work from home,” searched 90,500 times every month.

By using some of the best internet marketing tools, you can easily find which keywords, relevant to your industry, that are frequently searched for.

3 – Local or Global Results?

If you sell a product, and ship worldwide, then you need to use Keywords that are searched for in the countries you ship to. If you sell, for example, plumbing services, then you need to concentrate on local SEO keywords and searches. After all, you’re not about to fix the plumbing in another country are you?

As such, never simply find keywords out of the blue. You need to do your homework, find the right keys and ensure that they attract the right audience. Moreover, you need to make use of the best internet marketing tools to do so.

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