Three Questions to Ask On the Quest for the Perfect Customer!

Who is my perfect customerDo you know who your perfect customer is? The one, who absolutely loves your products, is crazy about your brand and would gladly spend their hard earned money on your services?

It is important to understand the very minute, most basic of details about your perfect customer. It is these very details, the specifics that will help you nail down the marketing message and effectively communicate it in a more genuine and appealing manner.

When you are communicating to your perfect customer, they’ll listen. They will value your offering and will be open and receptive to a deeper connection, making your small business marketing efforts a resounding success.

Let’s Describe Your Perfect Customer: Be Specific!

Many entrepreneurs aren’t clear who their best customer is. This is why they tend to waste a lot of time and money in their efforts to sell to people who aren’t possible customers and won’t buy no matter what incentives they are given.

If you can clearly determine the perfect customer, you have already determined your success in the business. That’s how important it is to clearly define the very best customer for your business!

You will focus your message and marketing efforts to this person. Create a unique selling proposition for them and create an effective internet marketing campaign catering specifically to them!

So let’s get to it! Sincerely answer these questions to gain insight into the minds of the perfect customers!

What Do They Value?

In 1943, Abraham Maslow put forward a theory about the hierarchy of human needs. It outlines 5 basic things that people value the most. These things motivate them to do more and become more to achieve what they value. The hierarchy starts at the very basic physiological needs (food, water, shelter) and go on to safety, love, understanding, respect, confidence and the need for self-actualization that leads to morality and creativity, etc.

Think about it for a while. What does your customer value the most? Do they value self-actualization over safety? Will they be willing to sacrifice stability for a bit of creativity? And likewise.

How Does Your Brand Fulfill Their Needs?

Now look at your company’s message.

Does your company’s mission statement and message cater to the values of your perfect customer? Do you offer enough safety, or creativity, or traditional values to appeal to them? Find a connection where your USP fulfills their needs and communicate it to them.

Where Can They Be Found?

You need to engage them, but where?

Do a general survey of the social media to figure out where your perfect customer hangs out in cyberspace. If you are selling professional printing services, you will be better off looking for them at LinkedIn or other professional outlets. But if you own a restaurant, then we suggest looking for and catering to your perfect customer on Yelp or even Facebook.


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