Top 3 Proven Ways to Get Attention from Spiders and People!

SEO web for people and spidersDon’t worry; these are not the creepy sort of spiders!

Search engines use programs to “crawl” the internet for information regarding websites and their content. These tiny programs are called spiders, and it’s about time your website became good friends with them!

Use ethical SEO services to get noticed by both people i.e. search engine users and spiders. This is the key to building a large amount of traffic to your site. And here’s how to do it right:

1.     Avoid the SEO Killers

SEO loves websites with interesting, keyword-rich content that is easily readable. And it dislikes websites that do not use text effectively. But there are some things that absolutely do not work well with your SEO efforts, these include

Too many images,

Too little text,

Unformatted text,

And wasteful use of images.

So, if you have made reckless use of images in hopes of setting up a very pretty, completely decked out website, you are doing it wrong! The simple truth is that Images are not text.  They won’t impress the spiders and people won’t be able to find your website because it won’t be anywhere near the first page of search results.

2.     Formatting Matters…  A Lot!

And then there are the websites that take it to mean that text is all they need to attract potential customers. And they put a lot of it on their website, all of it in One Big Block. This renders all the content totally unreadable and boring to look at.

There’s just page after page after page of content. No headings, no sub headings, no bullet points, nothing to make all that text easy to read and understand. This does nothing for their SEO as search engines are big fan of properly placed content that is keyword optimized and scannable.

It is a very good SEO technique to keep the text interesting, readable and break it down into digestible chunks. This will help your website attract the attention of spiders and retain the interest of human visitors.

3.     Keep It Fresh

Search Engine Optimization is an on-going process. This means that in order to make it work you will need to keep your website updated with fresh content. This is because search engines also consider the “freshness” of content when ranking them. New content always shows up higher in search results.

A “stale site” is considered useless and outdated. Don’t let your website develop this image for search engines. The best ways to do it are the blog pages that can be updated with fresh new content daily.

The Last Word

If you want your website to be popular among existing and prospective customers and rank higher in search results, be sure to maintain the delicate balance between text and pictures. Makeover your website according to these guidelines and you will get lots of love from all your audience.

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