Top 3 SEO Habits to Top the Google Search Results!

SEO blogGoogle likes websites that are relevant to the keywords they use and seem to be an authoritative voice on the subject matter. Google-bots will analyze the content of a page to gauge its relevance and see how many other pages link back as a show of hands for the measure of authority that a particular website carries.

Things SEO Can Do For YOU!

Small business SEO is an on-going process that can improve your website’s rankings for a group of keywords for a few months or even years. With a well-executed SEO campaign, you will be able to leverage well-written, useful, helpful, entertaining and interesting content that will come in handy when it is time to launch your link-building campaign.

In other words, SEO is the most powerful tool in any internet marketer’s arsenal… and here’s how to make the most of it:

1.     Connect with Real Words

Make sure that your keywords aren’t some peculiar, impractical phrases that stick out from the text like sore thumbs! Readability is very important and it should be kept in mind during the keyword research phase. Search engines will notice weird keywords just like real people will. So use your business savvy to find keywords that will be useful when used in articles and text.

2.     Placement Matters

A loud and strong keyword right in the heading sends a clear indication to readers (people and search engines alike) regarding the subject matter of the article. Your readers will come to understand the importance of your chosen keywords for your website, based on where they are placed on the page. So don’t just quietly mention it once at the bottom, and then expect it to get you results as well.

3.     Have a Well-Organized, Specialized Website

Make sure that your website doesn’t “hoard” information about any and everything under the sun in the hopes that something will attract the visitors down to your cranny on the internet!

SEO doesn’t work that way. If your website is complicated and visitors are quick to leave it as soon as they take a look, Google will learn its lesson and you will not be ranked up above next to the clean, beautiful websites.

Incorporate these concepts into your web pages and optimize them for search engines to improve your site ranking.

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