Top 3 Ways to Make Niche Keywords Profitable For Your Small Business

Find niche keywordsThere are like 50 different pages on your website already! You have even set up a blog and it is updated every day. You are already an established authority and an expert in your field. But you still can’t get people to come to your website and the search engine rankings are nothing to be hopeful about either!

So what is that you are doing wrong?

Well, you know what your niche is; let’s say you are selling organic cotton clothes. Regardless of how much you know about organic cotton, it is important that you know exactly which related words your customers are using to search. The knowledge of these niche keywords is what makes online businesses profitable.

Keywords Matter!

Google and other search engines need words, lots and lots of words, to power the search. Google decides the ranking of your website in search results based on how you use these particular words throughout your website.

Niche Keywords Matter Even More!

Niche keywords are the very explicit long-tail keywords that related to a narrow industry function.

Use them along with the broad popular terms when formulating your small business SEO campaign. Also optimize your site and PPC campaigns for niche keywords, especially in the beginning of the marketing efforts. Follow these tips to locate niche keywords for your website:

Pick “Winnable” Phrases

A key phrase or keyword is winnable if it can directly affect your ranking for those terms. There are more than $2 million searches for the words “organic clothes” on Google. So there are very little chances of you ever making to the top of that search list where the industry giants live.

This is where long-tail keywords come into the picture.

Find Long Tail Keywords

These are your best bet for making it big against the big-shot competitors.

Some long tail key phrases that include organic cotton are:

  • Organic cotton clothes
  • Organic cotton bedding
  • Organic cotton towels
  • Organic cotton baby clothes
  • Organic cotton apparel

Use the Google Keyword Tool to look for long tail keyword phrases related to your small business. These can become your top tool for making your website rank higher, for longer.

Build Traffic to Your Site Efficiently and Honestly

Make sure, when a visitor finally arrives at your site from a search engine, that they get to see and experience exactly what they came looking for. Don’t mislead them to your website with certain niche keywords only to deliver something entirely different. They will not come back and soon Google will be onto your antics and then down goes the ratings!

If you want your business to grow for the long term, make sure that your SEO keywords are relevant to your business and are written into your website in an informational, value-driven way.

The Last Word

SEO and niche keyword research is an ongoing effort. You can’t just stop after doing it once. So continue with the monitoring and tweaking to find the bet niche keyword opportunities that help you achieve your business goals.


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