Where Is My Perfect Customer? Our Top 3 Tips To Stalk Them Not Spook Them!

Where is my perfect customerIn order to get the most out of your internet marketing effort, you must know where to target your campaign for maximum impact!

Do you know where your customers are on the internet? Which social media sites are their favorites, which news sites they visit most regularly and what about the forums they frequently visit to solve their everyday dilemmas?

Half your marketing battle is won when you can understand where your customers can be found on the internet! So here are our top tips to help you on your way to efficiently identifying your customers’ e-hangouts so you can target them better while also saving time and money.

Use Videos and YouTube to Your Advantage

When your prospective clients search for something on Google, the video results show up on the top. Make sure that these videos lead to you! Sometimes people go straight to YouTube to search, by passing Google altogether. Many customers prefer watching videos over reading. Videos also help in creating online visibility for your brand and build trust with the viewers.

So make them come to you by making online video and YouTube marketing a part of your Targeted Internet Marketing repertoire!

Find Out Their Social Networking Habits

Twitter and Facebook are excellent tools for Internet Marketing for Small Business and also for setting yourself up as an authority and expert in your field. In fact use Facebook Connect services to register and login your clients on to your website. Track your prospective customers and their social media usage habits and find ways to better cater to them. Reach out to your customers on LinkedIn, Flickr, FourSquare or even Google+ if that’s where your customers might be! Be nice to them, be authentic and cater to their needs, and you will soon get some good business flowing your way.

Conduct Your Own Survey

Social networking site can tell you a lot about how to engage potential customers. But nothing beats the good old technique of outright asking them to find out if you have something they’d want to buy.

A survey form takes care of this exceptionally well. Ask them question like Where did you hear about us? Or how often do you visit our website? Or what was the last purchase you made from our website? Don’t ask more than 4 questions at a time and give them an incentive for completing your survey form. For example, you could give a discount coupon to people who complete the survey.

The Last Word

Your perfect customer is out there, using the internet, looking for solutions, ideas and connections. Find them and help them find you by using the multitude of tools available for the savvy business marketer.


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